[WPXperVideo id=83 ]hello my name is your inflate I’m a product manager at PNC for the adaptive product portfolio today I’m here to introduce the series 8 family of 12 gigabit per second rate adapters the cornerstone of PMC’s 12 gigabit per second portfolio PMC is a known leader in the 12th gigabit per second space with right on chip controllers I oh and SSD controllers to name a few now we continue to build that leadership by fully integrating pmcs 12 gigabit per second SAS rock in the adaptive series 8 family of raid adapters to maximize density and perform first I want to highlight that series eight includes five models with 18 16 internal and external ports in low profile form factor that are fully compatible with the existing 6 gigabit per second ecosystem this is important as customers transition from six to 12 gigabit per second at your own pace it can be assured that they can protect current investment for the future in fact today in a six gigabit environment series aided us improve storage performance over previous generation adapters most important is the fact that we specifically designed the series a to take full advantage of the 12 gigabit per second throughput and enable denser more configurable and faster storage environments needed for dynamic data in cloud computing content delivery networks and mission-critical database applications denso storage the complete series 8 family from entry-level to highest performance adaptors include up to 16 port internal and up to 8 external configurations this mini size HD connectors that connect twice as many devices as the competition new 2 series a it is th uptake 8 1605 seek you with the afm dollar board embedded on the adapter enabling an integrated green backup and allowing our customers to do more with less flexibility new to the series 8 is max cash plus a caching in tiering advanced software our new tiering technology allows customers to garner the fastest performance and best overall value from the storage essence bundled with the 8q adapters it provides flexibility to configure all storage devices within a given server environment and allows for the fastest media to be used as storage instead of just cash maximizing the use of the newest 12 gigabit per second SSD drives performance series 8 raid adapters deliver an industry-leading greater than 700 k random I ops the sixty percent improvement over previous generations this level of performance unleashes the full potential of 12 gigabit per second sighs as if these which are twice as fast as 6 cubed per second SSDs and after a thousand times faster than traditional hardest drive today in a six-year bid environment applications still benefit from the performance of series 8 and more advanced data protection and ease of use have not been forgotten series 8 with adapter grade co delivers maximum reliability with an industry-leading feature set including all of the raid levels the industry has come to expect plus unique features like flexible configuration modes hybrid grade and optimized disk utilization where no available space is wasted and add optics makes you a web-based management tool which can be used in standard desktop and mobile browsers for all storage configuration and management needs large systems designed with the adopting series a trade adapters take full advantage of the 12 gigabit per second throughput with advanced technologies optimized to deliver highest density with less components flexibility and industry-leading performance you’re more about each 12 gigabit per second adapting series eight family of raid adapters by contacting our distributors worldwide or by visiting our website www adopt expert com thank you

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