[WPXperVideo id=76 ]hi my name is youren freak and I am a product manager at optic by pmc and i’m here to talk about the CSM family of right adapters you’re very excited about the series 7 family of right adapters for many reasons first series 7 is fully pcie gen3 compliant that’s very critical as the industry transitions from PCH and 22 gen 3 this transitions allow us to double the bandwidth to the host and the adapted by pmc card will take full advantage of that you can only get this with the series 7 product family 37 family afraid adapters will also offer the industry’s highest performance we are talking about 450,000 iOS and we are talking about up to six thousand six hundred megabyte per second sustained throughput the second key point to take away is the adopted by pmc series seven family of raided our process the industry’s only solution that offers 24 native SATA ports we are utilizing the PM CPM 8015 raid on ship or rock this chip offers an eight-lane pcie gen3 interface and connected to up to 24 native SATA port with 62 feet per second bandwidth which allows you to fully leverage the higher bandwidth of the pcie gen3 interface we’ve taken the chip to create some unique hardware products also the adaptive series seven family afraid adapters introduces a brand-new cable connectivity standard mini says HD mini size HD will be the 12th kicks a standard but we are adopting it or one generation early together with the native 24 port rock this allows us with the increased density to provide you with the industry’s only low profile md to form factor high port count raid adapter this is critical as the industry transitions to more than server environments using going to have introduced rice and SSDs there are also some advanced features that the series 7 family offers first off our search generation of max cash max cash treated oh this is an SSD caching technology that will allow you to do read caching and really under drive back caching where the cash pool is protected by rate next Kari will allow you to accelerate the performance of certain applications by intelligently utilizing solid-state drives the uptick was the first in the industry to launch SSD caching on radio adapters we’ve continued along the innovative pass going to max cash 20 and then 30 learn more about the series 7 family of raid adapters as well as the full line of cells HD cables by contacting a distributor near you or by visiting our website www calm thank you

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