[WPXperVideo id=483 ]just calling to let you know that we’ve received your project we’re gonna begin the eval right away and you deta doctors data recovery we understand that the clock is ticking for most customers we have highly specialized tools both hardware and software look when things go wrong we’ve got the best chance of making things right again from the moment it arrives we start assessing the data loss to find out what really went wrong with it this is Robert with data doctors data recovery so we finished up the initial evaluation and here’s what’s going on each customer is paired up with a data doctors data recovery specialist from the moment the recovery process begins until the project is complete the customer is partnered with this one single point of contact they always know where things are in the process I love the challenge when I get a hard drive that’s really bad it consumes me losing memories Wow I’ve been there it hurts that’s what drives me through every step of the data recovery process we stay in touch with updates hi this is Katie with Davey doctors it looks like we’re gonna be able to recover all of your files let’s discuss some options with one of the largest storage vaults data doctors data recovery has the components on hand to resurrect nearly any hard drive ever made hey I have great news we’ve recovered all your photos avis Rachel I was just calling to let you know that we were able to successfully recover all of your accounting data and your contracts will be closing this out and shipping it out today we got all your data back we’re shipping it today at data Dodgers data recovery we have one goal

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Q 1. Which of the Following Devices You Need Help With?

  • Hard Drive
  • RAID Array
  • Memory Card / Stick
  • Cell Phone / Tablet

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