[WPXperVideo id=486 ]hi guys welcome to this video in this video I will be showing ads a recovered they are from a formatted drive with a free program called test disk you can actually get it from this website here it’s a free program to download wwg Security org come down to here where it says Windows download that version if using the Linux or Mac you can then download that version there ok let’s get started so let’s open up our hard drives here there you can see this is the F drive this is the drive that we’re going to be recovering now I’ve got a file on air called XP thumb drive just going to quickly format that now so there’s nothing on the drive a little gear drive okay so the drives they’re clean and we want to try and recover that file back now I’ve downloaded that program here’s or said test disk and we need to do is open app and drag the folder out okay once you get that out you need to come into the wind folder and actually click on this icon here okay open it up and then basically look down for the hard drive that you want to scan on this is the 500 gig one that’s the one we’re going to be scanning on it’s just an it a small little external one I’ve got there so I can close this back box off now and we’re going to proceed on this one so push enter to proceed also Intel PC that’s for Windows that’s okay now you need to look over this side here and look for tests that’s the one I’m doing now you also have be called tests yours will be called whatever it’s called okay so if you want to recover they on the C Drive then obviously look for what is called there now you’ve got some options down here for yourself to look at we’ve got options going here you can have brute force and all these other little options here we’re not going to use any of those also file up we can go in there which is file options and as you can see there’s a ton of stuff in here and I’m just going to say be to save the settings so click B click OK and then quit out there so what we want to do next is quit out there and then come to this area here search and then we’re going to search okay so make sure you on there click that now ext2 and ext3 is for Linux based operating system so if you’ve got a Linux based operating system you need to choose that one but we’ve got Windows so we’re going to be clicking on that ok the free version is if you’ve just deleted a file by accident and you want to try and recover it that is the option that you can use ok so if you right-click sargon and it’s gone out the recycle bin you can actually recover it in that option but we’re going to be using the whole option click on that there up the top here it will say do you want to save recover files to your D Drive and it will go inside that folder all I do so I’m going to say yes and that will be scanning and that will probably take about 10 minutes but we got to remember is never have the same whatever you’re scanning you can’t have the program on the same Drive that you’re trying to recover the data from because it won’t work ok so it needs to be on a separate partition I’ll just let this scan up and what I’ll do is come back when it’s the finished same three minutes that’s coming down so I’ll see you back in the signal okay let’s just finish in reading the sector now as you can see a couple of seconds to go and that will now go on to the next phase let that finish this will we won’t take an hour it will just come down really quickly so I’ll just pause at this stage and let this stage finish and then we can move on to the the next stage of looking at the files if it’s recovered any okay as you can see that’s now finished which is letting that transfer the file cross times will run out just let that finish his job okay so it’s now recovering now that does take a little bit of time to come off of that last stage it will say time zero to go but you just need to wait leave it this light little light will be flashing here just leave it and it then one start to transfer the file across okay so saying the file has been recovered and it’s been saved to this directory okay so let’s go and have a look at the directory where it’s been saved he’ll be an hourly Drive inside this folder inside the windows folder and it’s in here okay is to create these folders when he’s recovered the data and there you can see the actual data there now it does rename the file it doesn’t keep the file the same name that’s not so much of a problem so we need to do now as you can see there’s our recovered file with all our folders and files in it okay so I hope you enjoyed this video my name is Brian from protect on Condor okay if you enjoy my videos please remember hit the subscribe button chaser Paul couldn t problem to your computer you can head over to our forum and register there for free and post your problems on there and we will try to help you as much as we can okay so thanks again guys bye for now

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