[WPXperVideo id=626 ]so today I’ll be breaking and letting rebuild a raid5 array on a doll poweredge 2850 there’s that people doing it but they weren’t doing it live while it was running so here’s the six hard drives 73 gigs each there’s a raid 5 and here’s a red one we’re breaking the raid 5 user data today let me see they’re all in line and if we drop over here or thought this is minecraft server or the users it’s all accessible so from here what we’re going to do is pull out this Drive right here from this Drive we’re going to get this backplane drive for so basically seeing that card that failed and set that justly right there you can see all our user data is still accessible wait nope not that one although user data still accessible so now we’re going to out to rebuilt by sliding in planting it in spot today okay your drive has failed she’s showing yellow spinning up the drive recalibrating from here it’s going to go online so that the yellow term loop and now the drive is rebuilding so that will take approximately three hours to finish thanks for watching guys

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