[WPXperVideo id=489 ]hi this is Carter Bays in today you’re about to watch a video that will take you through the stalkers instant file recovery process and for that matter we will have to move the cursor on the icon that says this doctor’s instant file recovery you can click this icon upon clicking this icon you can simply you know move the cursor on the file and click it you can choose a run with adoption now on this window we have couple of options that are deleted file recovery Pharma a recovery advance file recovery and create image on the right hand side we have information on how this recovery process will go on and how instant file recovery will recover your data as of right now I’m going to select format recovery and start the process by clicking next on this window we have a couple of drives that are present on the system we can select the drive from which we wish to recover the data and we can click Next to proceed on this window we have a lot extensions that might be present on the system what we can do is that we can select the ones that we wish to recover from the system or the drive that we selected on the last window once we had done selecting the extensions we can simply click finish as of right now the process of recovery is in progress and it might take a few minutes to get done with the recovery process of the extensions that I selected on the last window I show you that it is worth your time to recover data with instant file recovery software so we’ll just wait and see how the software will with their data on this window we can see the files and the folders that are ready to be recovered by instant file recovery software so what we do on this window is that we select the ones or check the ones that we wish to recover or uncheck the ones that we don’t wish to recover so once we are done with checking and unchecking the files and folders we move the cursor on the option that says save check upon clicking this option we are done with the process of recovery with instant file recovery by the stalkers thank you

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  • Cell Phone / Tablet

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