[WPXperVideo id=490 ]hello today I’m going to show you how to use this doctors photo recovery software to retrieve files that have been deleted from a media for example I have a few pictures on my USB stick and there 8 of them in here for our example which I’m going to purposely delete first now you can see there are no pictures in my USB stick and I would like to retrieve them back use the photo recovery software click on the select the USB stick like next see the options of photos audios videos is there selected already click Next it scans very quickly you can see it found 8 JPEGs that’s what we had originally just check on the JPEGs right there selects all of them click Next will ask me for the place where it should say click on browse for example I’ll save it on our desktop do not save it on to the media that you got retrieve it out from because that’s where it is retrieve yes say as you can see a folder was created on our desktop saving process completed okay till next time have a nice day

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Q 1. Which of the Following Devices You Need Help With?

  • Hard Drive
  • RAID Array
  • Memory Card / Stick
  • Cell Phone / Tablet

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