[WPXperVideo id=126 ]hey everybody this video is going to be about some soft that gets installed Peter’s with AMD chipsets called rate expert and it’s going to do with some error message you may get from the software now here is the Matara deluxe which two of its hard drives are on their way out bad sectors and you know on it good stuff and when I started getting error messages and raid X products how to do a quick search online just to see you exactly what they meant now also the user manual Freight expert tells you all about this too but a notice in some form mailee on HP’s website many people who bought HP computers um and believe they also had Seagate hard jobs in them now we’re starting to fail these people were getting the DSL access on disk error message and they didn’t know what it meant they thought it was to some nuisance and many people were saying I’m just disable the raid expert suffer from starting up or go under stellar etiquette for software is it was nor everybody was blaming it on raid expert now things like this don’t punish the messenger for doing this job I mean this is doing its job it’s it’s notifying you of errors and when you get errors like BSL access on disk or weren’t one is even worse than that that’s not good it’s not good at all I’ll come back there shortly so basically if you guys are not raid is raid stands for redundant array of independent disks and basically Matar deluxe has a rage stripe array which is two identical size hard drives striped basically it’s a performance raid you double the capacity because you have two drives together and you know two to the two drives working together you know means performance yeah there’s also many other types of raid configurations such as raid one which is a mirror array basically you have two drives that mirror each other it’s a security raid so if one drive fails it restores your data there’s another one that’s called raid 5 which you see which uses parity you have a minimum of three drives in the raid configuration of course are all same capacity and if one drive fails the parody of the system you know the raid system protects your data set way you think this replace it driving and when you put the new driver in it this rebuilds itself so basically that’s the general idea of what raid is and there’s another kind of rate that’s called JBOD just a bunch of discs and basically you can have all sorts of different capacity discs you know plugged in and configured and JBOD to one let’s add to capacity together but not but not see much any really any performance gain so anyways that way you know what rate is now this rate expert software doesn’t only work with raid configurations many computers have their set of hard drives configured in HCI it’s not very often us I believe you find them configured in native ID anymore you can still do that and it’ll still work your K but I mean many sets that they’re used AHCI so anyways we’re looking at the desktop here and the system has been off for quite a few days and that’s because as hard drives are starting to fail I did backup my data you know my actual files and documents and stuff to the two terabyte drive that I have and I mentioned I wasn’t going to be able to get my windows in you know you know Wooden’s files and programs that backed up but I’m going to try that again later on today but anyways enough of me talking let’s go ahead and and start discussing what raid expert errors mean now here’s one right here innocent it’s not a good one it says warning 30 disk error logged on disk port number two target ID 1 now you also when you get the BSL access on disk errors that will pop up in this area right here too and basically it’ll tell you it’s a BSL accessed on disk port number let’s see 1 or 2 taught you know lb whatever so anyways I’m rate expert I mean itself is pretty complex it runs inside of a web interface something that’s how you access it you know they’re going to show you how to access it you can go to start all programs go to AMD and rate expert and then click on the rate expert link there basically that’s just a shortcut to rate expert now let me go ahead and see if I can manually put in the Firefox here yep the reason why I’m doing this because my default browser on the system is Google Chrome in the last time I was in Google Chrome I had like 20 so 20 something tabs open and chrome likes to open everything when you restore a session session unlike Firefox which opened only one time at a time as you click on anyways you get a sign into this which you know the default login an ID and password is admin but you can change this in this commit this software can actually be accessed over the web there over the network that’s why it’s through the web interface as you can see it’s being accessed through localhost there’s your port number and you guys your ambi your screen anyways it’s going to look here even the physical drives I’m going to show you what these jobs look like right now now the smart status says we’re healthy now smart is another tool that’s built into motherboards and you know rate controllers that monitors all sorts of different variables on your hard driving when one gets out of spec the smart will fail and basically it warns you that your hard drive is possibly going to be failing really soon and backup your data immediately anyways it tells you some information about your drive here tells you it’s a six cubed per second drive it is a CAS t1000 DM 0 0 3 you know it’s got all the you know serial number firmware version port number target ID settings here are some settings here media patrol here’s this one called BSL which is bad sector log now this Drive has one bad sector it tells you the LBA the count the status and the flags go to the next one this one has like 30 bad sectors look at all those bad sectors this is the real problem drive now both of them are getting sent back to Sea Gate because about sectors but this one here is the real problem so when you see that BSL access on disk don’t blow it off don’t say all right experts that’s messed up don’t blow it off prepare for hard drive failure backup yourself immediately I mean what you can do in this case because when you get these BSL errors check let me see not check disk but on the backup and restore utility and windows that does you know the drive image and everything for backup will fail because it will say the device was not ready so what you have to do as a temporary band-aid is run check disk mushy example here what’s going you got to go into command prompt to do this which is I mean I recommend you going to command prompt and type CMD you shouldn’t have to run this as an administrator unless your account doesn’t you know unless your account is not an administrator account anyways you see we have a you know command line here so check disk C /f /r now basically it’s it’s gonna say you can’t lock the drive because I mean when is wouldn’t your main that West Drive it can’t lock it and you ask you feelin restart basically here you would just press Y I’m gonna press in for none because this thing is so you know this drop here is so in such bad shape to the point where it freezes the computer when I try to run check this it’s free it freezes at about 13% through the stage four or five then close this out now I’m going to do is I’m going to pull up the raid expert user manual and run you through some other things I reckon I can do before in this video I got a nice manual and on in fact here is that here is a trade expert warning errors fall not found and Xander and investor centers errors I don’t understand and these are tasks thirty timeouts and this it’s not good that could be read at immediately but yeah some somebody was saying I would say first said let me sat on I know nothing about the reindeer eight expert scroll down yeah it may be impossible to go control panel and device management lookup pretty rate expert listing and disable this feature boy yeah that’s a good idea just this punish the messenger then don’t be surprised when your hard drive fails and you’re just out of luck anyways I know I got off topic there but let’s go ahead look at that user manual I had I just had to show you guys at that formless net forum posting but here is the right expert user manual and it has you know multiple chapters I tell you about you know all of this stuff it’s probably in Chapter five then you don’t know for sure I mean this software when you’re configuring raids and stuff like that and monitoring stuff it’s very very useful now of course the W reader doesn’t always like perform very well I’d like to find out where okay here’s some warning events right there it’ll tell you some of these you know Vince said it will should make sure discs unplug just timeout tasks error um this pre-fill a read critical blah blah blah you got some error events here I’ll CBS selling her anywhere here we got information bins just plug in BSL update BSL cleared now in this case I did see this in a couple times after running check disk and when check disk actually temporarily you know clearing out the bad sectors for the time being it would say BS cleared and I could actually back up my entire drive now just reduce certain so you guys know turning off raid expert does not fix the problem if you got bad sectors that we’re making this BSL access on disk message here show up you need to turn off great expert you’re still gonna have the problems when you try back up your drive because it’s not read expert calls net it’s the bad sector when you drive causing this but yeah look at all these different you know these different events you can see now straight an example of one right now I’m going internal that sig a 500 gig hard drive so I can back up trying to back up my windows files it’s all I got this plugin power to the drive and you should see a an event message pop up saying drive us Jen plugged in because this particular port is configured for ha swamp so it tells me that disc port five target idea 1 has been plugged in now there’s one error message that I see sometimes the freight expert and it’s the one that says unknown event now I have no idea why this and pops up it’s like sometimes it pumps up more often than other times your selector sometimes you never see know but other times it may pop up once or twice a day I had no idea why it’s popping why it pops up and basically from my experience you can just disregard that one but I notice it’s getting to be a pretty long video but really free guys out there that may have a computer that has great expert in stone you start to see these error message pop up it’s important that you kind of know what they mean particularly the BSL access on disk the BS up cleared the task time out the disk time out you know all those now those typically don’t mean good things so you start to see errors like that you definitely going to start backing up your disk as soon as possible in a coucher to backup your disk run check disk like I showed you earlier and let it do its thing so anyways I’m hopefully this video was some good advice for you anyways thanks for watching you

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