[WPXperVideo id=129 ]well hello once again from making money from junk comm we’ve got a little bit more vintage electronics here today found these and one of the piles of things we bought and just thought you might find these interesting here’s the what these do is they’re old settings and you just flip the switch and and that’s called a thumb wheel and you’d make the change this one happens to count up to let’s see how far goes 15 so from 0 to 15 and they happen to probably go in several of these in one setting and they would go along a big long bank of something anyway that we saw there was a little bit of Goldfinger on there we thought well would snap those off and move on but would then we decided let’s tear into this thing just a little bit see if it’s worth going on into and when you take the screws out and then the back comes off here and one side comes off and you got this little green board on the on the thumb wheel and then just take a screwdriver and we just put it in there and just pop that out and then what we get is a little board like this and look at that nice a lot of gold on there of course it’s all gold plate we all know that every time we say gold in these electronics we’re talking about gold plate but anyway it’s stuff that the refiners can bring out it’s gold and gold is gold where you find it as they say so this is a pretty good example of go ahead and tear into something and see what you might have because you never know when it might be really good and then up against that was this wheel and that’s what the was making the contact as you turn this these connectors would contact in with those connectors you’re seeing how that work and so these also have gold on them now you it may look like that’s all gold but it’s mostly just copper or perhaps a brass but I think it’s just just copper in here and kind of hard to see with the camera but trying to get the it turned around maybe right there you can see those tips are gold so you want to chop those off and then you’re going to have little tiny pieces like this and those go into your gold reclamation file or pile as well as these do and your refiner will tell you if they can put those together or at the end one time separate these might go in as gold plated pins they’re gonna be real low reclamation but well anyway you need talk to you refiner find out how they want them I generally throw everything in one bucket and then let the refiner sort it out that’s why I’ve found to do it what else is in this box will in these there’s quite a bit of plastic and of course that’s all recyclable this is brass and then these are the metal screws and they just go in your tin or the metal bucket and they pay a little bit for that and then these kind of things you could go ahead and drill those out and take the time to do it but I just once I cut off the little gold ends I’m just taking these and throwing them in my breakage pile because it’s just not enough work for me to clean it up and call it good plastic and there’s a little bit too much plastic to throw it in with the metals so I would throw this into what I’d call just a breakage pile and your scrap yard will tell you what you’re going to be able to get for that so we’ve got in here we’ve got the breakage we’ve got the metal we’ve got the plastic we’ve got brass we’ve got oh these are little clips that hold that wheel in when you pull it apart I forgot to tell you about that this little clip is solid copper so that’s nice it’s a nice little bit of poof of copper there’s only one and each one of these that happens to come out of a couple of them so you’ve got some a little bit of gold and you’ve got the board with the gold on it so it’s a pretty nice little haul for this just one little little piece of vintage electronics little thumb wheel and it’s all making money from junk every little bit counts add all that up it’s a great hobby you know to be collecting this gold if you can find enough of it here you might even make a living out of it but there’s a lot of money to be made that’s making money from junk you’ll get the e-book making money from junk comm we’ll look forward to hearing from you real soon

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