[WPXperVideo id=130 ]hey guys what’s going on today I’m going to show you how to install Mac OS X on a blank hard drive under MacBook Pro this should work for any macbook they’ve all got the internet recovery utility so you don’t need a flash drive or anything you just need a Wi-Fi connection so just turn the Mac on and as soon as the screen comes on hold down on the command key and the R key at the same time on the keyboard just keep holding those down until it comes up now we’ve got this here starting Internet recovery now I’m just going to pick my Wi-Fi network now that it’s connected it’s going to load a little bit and then it’s going to start a setup process so what this does on the whole is it’s actually going to download Mac OS X from the internet and then install it to your hard drive without any need for a install DVD or flash drive so that’s super cool and way useful all right so that takes us all into OS X utilities you just going to want to go to this right here reinstall OS X double click on that or just click on it and continue now this is going to install mountain life so it’s going to verify your eligibility basically make sure that it really thinks this is an actual Mac and then download it and install it agree to the Terms riah ghin all right now if you get this message the drive may just be formatted incorrectly so just go back and actually if you just hit command + Q it’ll close out of that and go into Disk Utility alright even we can see here this is the hard drive we’re trying to install it to its W it’s a Western Digital hard drive so it clearly shows up so it’s working but it says it’s unformatted right down here let’s just go to a race we want it set to Mac OS X extended journal in a race and race again now that’s going to format and partition the drive as it needs and then when we go back and try to install it’s going to actually work this time all right so once you’re done there just hit command + Q again to close out of that and go back into reinstall OS X and this time I’m going to ask you where you want to install OS X you’ve got this icon of a hard drive just click on that so it’s highlighted and hit install now mine is bugging me to plug into a power source really that is a good idea I’m going to watch my power like a hawk it’s a 39 percent right now if it gets too long I’m gonna plug it in but honestly in general you should plug it in when it’s doing this it’s not good if it dies while it’s installing hit continue and now it’s going to go through and install OS X Mountain Lion once that’s finally done it’s going to actually restart and get to this new screen saying installing OS X on the disk that’ll probably take another 20 minutes or so eventually you’ll get to this screen saying installation complete and it will start a countdown to restart your computer or you can just click on restart now how to do it yourself and now it’s going to restart and now it’s just the general map setup pretty much the same thing you would have got when you first bought it select your country your keyboard layout and your internet but it’s going to ask if you want to transfer information to this Mac you’ve got the option from another Mac from Windows PC from another disk for this we’re just going to hit not now and then it’s just down to general preference things and that’s it it’s all restored and ready to use alright guys well if you liked this video give me a like if you disliked it hit dislike and let me know in the comments why otherwise if you really like to get subscribed that really helps me a lot thanks for watching

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