[WPXperVideo id=189 ][Music] hello welcome back spam TV today I want to talk about rave and help you understand the difference between them as quickly as possible so we’re all on the same page now I’m going to talk about the primary one – everyone uses raid 0 raid 1 raid 5 raid tix and make 10 utilizing these drives here so without further ado let’s go on it now raid 0 is the ability of combining multiple drives into one client volume you need at least two drives when you combine them together you get the total capacity of all device with no lot with that there is absolutely zero drives lost as mentioned so full capacity so in this case two terabytes fantastic the read and write speeds are pretty good indeed pretty high across the board because you’re getting improved read and write from both drives simultaneously but unfortunately if one of your drives breaks you lose all of your data next we can solve that raid 1 raid 1 is the ability to have two drives working together but mirroring in other words exactly the same data on both drives at every single second of the way now to utilize a raid 1 unfortunately it means we lose one whole drive of capacity so these two guys from we go from 2 terabyte to one terabyte now in a raid 1 environment read speeds are very high indeed because we are reading from both drives however write speeds are just as good now you’re thinking let you down a dark road there don’t worry now if we lose one of the drives is one drive breaks it’s ok we’ve got all of our data intact and that is the ability and advantages of raid 1 next let’s talk about base 2 v right v is for bigger arrays and you need at least three drives to commit a raid 5 in a raid by situation you end up losing at least one whole drives worth of capacity so you lose a read about 25% of the total capacity but that does dip although actually it’s 33 percent isn’t it and then that gets lower and lower with the more drives you add in a raid 5 in a row 5 configuration the read and write speeds you read is fantastic but the write speeds do suffer somewhat due to the calculation of CPU and parity subsequently if you do lose one drive you end up keeping all of your data to severity is kept on those other two drives just remember you have to add a new driving to rebuild the raid otherwise you only try to read from those two drives in your manage although will you lose a hell of a lot of speed while a system has to make up the virtual drive next let’s talk about raid 6 now rating utilizes at least four drives in a raid 6 environment you lose at least to hold rise of capacity so in this scenario we have lose 50% of the capacity Dre ticks is describing off data across the drives with the formulation as kind of a blueprint of the available data spread across the other two drives in each stripe in a ratings environment if you lose one drive your data is still absolutely fine if you lose two drives your data is absolutely fine that is the great advantage of Ray ticks one of the biggest downfalls of heretics although read speeds excellent cause once again reading from four drives when my writing we have to the CPU has to work out the blueprint for the other drives calculate the parity and so consequently it’s the probably the slowest one of all the ones we’re going to talk about today finally we can talk about raid Kane in a rated environment you need at least four drives the way rate n works is all of your data is to put across two drives to pair together in two different brackets if you lose one drive your data safe if you lose these two drives and your data safe if you lose drives across both your data safe the real problem is when you lose two drives in the same parry then you lose your data now in a raid 10 environment you do lose at least 50% of the available storage on top of that although your read speeds are fantastic your right feet will suffer a little bit as data is pared off against it but it’s still going to be a great deal faster than raid 5 and rate it’s the only other way to really talk about is it HR from Samoa to its let you mix and match drives how you see fit and add and take drives away whenever you need them you can mix those drives actually the same would be online but otherwise this has been raised as fast as possible with strain TV in just around 4 minutes if you need any help your hard drives or notes or – Vic expand comm visit Lee in theirs compares or fire me off for message fight Witter at Robbie on the tube thanks for watching down Earl oh hello thank you for watching Spike TV if you enjoyed this video don’t forget to click like subscribe and don’t know anyone want to saw today check them out all our videos on phonology humanness and from among swords and all the rest of it once again I can’t stress enough to tell anyone about what you saw today now go away [Music]

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