[WPXperVideo id=183 ]Raid 10 with 1 disk failed & rebuilt
HD Speed v1.7.3.94
Alnico Raid AN624F8, Single Controller

If a drive failed and a hot spare launched without removing / reinserting drives, there will not be any transferring interruption.

Testing Environment:
RAID Mode: RAID1+0 
4pcs 15k SAS 2.5′ ( Seagate ST9146852SS, HP Model: DH0072FAQRD)
Disk Write Cache: Disable
Volume Cache Mode: Write Through
HD Speed v1.7.3.94, Writing task, Block Size:8MB
Testing Result:
Storage delivers sustained 240 MB/s,
When a drive fails, spare drive launches immediately for rebuilding, the real-time line chart never falls to bottom line ( 0 MB/s ) ; also, there is no errors indicated on HD speed, no reading/writing/timeout errors logged on storage, the disk throughput slightly drops to 104MB/s for a while when the rebuild started, and then the writing speed recovers to normal.

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