[WPXperVideo id=18 ]what is going on YouTube mark here with a grumble share I had this ready nasty duo sitting in my closet for the last three years one of the hard drives failed and instead of doing what it should have allowed me to do which was access it and get my files it turned into a giant paperweight that wouldn’t boot up I had read that I could install in bunt to and basically mount my drive and access my files like that but I’m not a Linux guy if you were in my position and you have a single Drive from a raid 1 array and you want to get your files and copied into your Windows system and you don’t want to install them bun 2 and you don’t want to learn how to mount it and you don’t know what a grip is or all that stuff kind of intimidates you and I have a very easy solution please watch and it’ll be fast so the first thing you’re going to want to do is remove your drive from your Nass and you’re going to want to mount it in your computer once you’ve done that and your computer is booted up you’re going to want to go to WWDC internals comm / linux reader and you’re going to want to download the freeware application that you find there I’ll put the link below once it’s downloaded you’re going to want to install it and you’re going to want to possibly need to run it as an administrator pick where you’d like to install it and click install and then just run it you can do that by clicking finish and leaving the checkbox checked when it pops up its going to show you what it found so you’re going to want to click on the drive that you are trying to recover in my case it was a 1.5 terabyte Barracuda and it’s going to show you all the files on there go ahead and drill into the folder with the files that you’re trying to restore and then you’re just going to want to select all of the folders or files that you want to save to another Drive in your computer right click on it and press save it’s going to pop up a little dialog wizard and you’re going to just want to hit next and it’s going to take it you know a good chunk of time depending on the amount of stuff you’re trying to recover to enumerate and calculate all the files that it’s found it’s going to ask you to put in an output folder so you can browse to a folder already on your drive or you could make a new folder in this case I made a folder called Nass and you just select it press ok hit next it’s going to show you all the folders that it can find you could expand it just pick the files you want in my case I wanted all of them and then just you know go do something because this is going to take a while for it to recover all of the files well it worked disk internals Linux Reader x64 1.9 point 3.0 hats off to you guys thank you so much for sharing this as freeware it really saved my butt I recovered all of the photos all of the music all of the work that I thought had been lost to me and had been sitting in my closet so now I get to go on a alter trip thank you for watching the video I hope it helps you out as well please comment like and subscribe if you have an alternative method that you’d like to share please do so below see you guys next time bye you

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