[WPXperVideo id=481 ]in this video you will learn how to recover data from your crashed corrupted or formatted hard disk if your laptop hard disk is crashed or formatted you should not write anything or save anything or modify anything and do not perform any operation that may change even a single byte of hard drive this because your did unrecoverable firstly remove your hard drive from your laptop on the back side of laptop locate the symbol of hard drive open the screws for removing hard drive cover and do not apply force this is the hard disk of your laptop and this is the connection area push hard drive from connection side we have successfully removed the hard drive from your laptop now connect your hard disk with SATA to USB casing or SATA to USB converter for connecting your hard disk to another laptop run ddr professional recovery software software has for searching modes basic search deep search proto search and signature search choose recovery mode and continue in laugh panel choose your drive by the physical or logical drive and go to next here you can see your data has been recovered successfully by DDR professional software select the files or folder that you want to save and click on Save button software show a boring message do not save your recover data on the same disk browse the path and save thanks for visiting

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Q 1. Which of the Following Devices You Need Help With?

  • Hard Drive
  • RAID Array
  • Memory Card / Stick
  • Cell Phone / Tablet

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