[WPXperVideo id=16 ]okay so I’ve gotta sell knology nos and I’m trying to recover files from an old PC and copy these onto the notes these files came from a Linux raid with for one terabyte disks and they were a raid 5 and what I want to do is copy them onto my new disks which are a 4-3 terabyte disks also in raid 5 but I’ve enabled sonali hybrid raid 1 so I can grow this in the future so why don’t I do I’m gonna extract these four disks out of my old PC and basically use them to supplement the four disks which are currently in my psychology 8 disk that’s our transplant is across and copy the files off and then once I’m done with that I’ll congruent mine as is currently on and I’ve put the disks into the two Lestrade’s here I can just quickly slide them into the chassis one by one and wait for them to come online this takes about five or 10 seconds per disk here we go so now I’m on the psychology web dashboard if I go into the storage manager I can see the four disks which I’ve just added that’s when it loads so you can see four which are currently in use and for unused disks now if I was to create a new volume is in these disks the psychology raid manager would overwrite the contents of these disks losing the data which is on it which is not what I’m going to do so I’m going to go on to the menu into the services and enable remote access via SSH the quickest way to do this is using the search facility just look for terminal and SNMP and enable SSH on port 22 now the default admin user is disabled so I’m going on to the users control panel to enable remote access for the admin user just click it edit and then check to say well this account now that have okayed this I can use my favorite SSH client to connect to the nas I drag this across and use the SSH command on my Mac I’m SS Aging in as the admin user on the IP address which I’ve is the same as the web UI if you’ve got a Windows PC you probably have to use putty or something like that so now that I’m in I can cap the MD stack file which shows the status of all the raid devices here I see MD 2 is my main raid which is currently set to 8 terabytes this is built on the 4 disks SD a B C and D and then there’s a couple of other raid arrays which created by the nas for a certain housekeeping I can LS the dev folder to see which devices are on the nose and on grepping for SD for the disks I can see there’s my SD a B C D disks which are the four three terabyte disk cipher started there have also got new disks EF g and h now that I know what disks are on the system I can use the MD admin tool to examine what the raid status is for each of those disks so on the pseudo MD ADM if I can type it now that I know what disks are on the system I can use the MD ADM tool to examine the rain status for those disks so I’m gonna sudo MD ADM – examine dev sta-1 and I see that it comes from a raid 5 array which is originally three terabytes and the disk is one terabyte here I also see the partner disks which make up this array I’ll use these IDs to reconstruct the raid array so again we sudo MD ADM – assemble then I use dev md3 the first free ID for our raid arrays here 0 1 and 2 and 4 are taken now I just use the IDs of all the disks onto adds this race that’s SD e 1 SD f 1 SD g 1 and then finally SD h 1 now I’ve entered this command I can hear the disk spinning up and it’s created the array now all I have to do is Mount this array so I’m gonna create a folder called old raid or something similar to that you need to sudo did this folder all have to do a sudo mount dev MD 3 which is the device I created and mount it onto the folder all great give this a second and to verify that all my files there I can just LS old road and here we are there’s all my files now all I have to do is copy them using the Linux CP command recursively from old raid on to my new volume and that’s it I can copy those at my own limit II remember once you’ve done you need to disable SSH access and then disabled the admin user account as well that’s it and there’s all all there is to restore in the road

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